Traveler Weekender Pet Carrier by Bark n Bag


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Let your dog travel in style with the Traveler Weekender Pet Carrier by Bark n Bag. 

  • 100% certified recycled plastic PET bottles 
  • Bamboo rafters for support 
  • Padded handle grip 
  • Adjustable removable padded shoulder strap 
  • Machine washable organic cotton quilted pad 
  • Roomy front zippered pocket 
  • gadget pocket 
  • 3 points of entry 
  • Folds flat for storage 
  • Mesh convertible top

Why We Love It:

This trunk inspired bag is a must for traveling in style. The fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles, bamboo rafters and an organic cotton absorbent liner.  Not only is this bag stylish but it is also Eco-friendly and safe for you and your pet. This bag is airline approved, but, you will want to check with each airline to make sure it falls within the sizing guidelines. 

Sizing Information. 

16?W x 9?H x 9?D. 
For pets up to 14?L x 7?H. 
Maximum weight: 8lbs

18?W x 10?H x 10?D. 
For pets up to 16?L x 9?H. 
Maximum weight: 16lbs

20?W x 11?H x 11?D. 
For pets up to 18?L x 10?H. 
Maximum weight: 22lbs

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