Stack ‘n’ Roll Cat Toy Gift Set


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Get your cat in action with this fun Stack ‘n’ Roll Cat Toy Gift Set!

  • Toy are assorted colors
  • 3 toys in a set
  • Made of felt, fleece and cardboard
  • Made in the USA

Why We Love It:

An assortment of some of our small cat toys packaged in a crystal clear gift box. Each box includes 1 Eco Stack(These fun little cardboard toys will bounce around unpredictably, keeping kitty entertained for hours. Eco Stacks are also light so they’re easy to toss in the air.), 1 Taffy Roll(Our Taffy Roll Cat Toys are fun little toys made with colorful fleece fabric. Cats love to chase them as they roll across the floor and the end pieces are easy to grab. Each toy measures approximately 3″ by 1.25″.), and 1 Felt Roller. (Designed for chasing, pouncing, and flinging, these hip little kitty toys are sure to please even the most finicky felines. Made simply with sewn felt, each sphere measures 2 inches in diameter.) Great gift for your cat and cat lovers! Made in the USA.

Sizing Information:

2″ x 2″ x 6″.

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