Savvy Tabby Acrobat Cat Scratcher


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Made from high-quality materials, Savvy Tabby Acrobat Cat Scratcher features multiple scratching surfaces to help satisfy a cat’s natural urge to scratch.

  • Sisal-wrapped post has a dangling feather toy on top for batting and swiping
  • Archway has a sisal-covered top for scratching, as well as a hideout underneath
  • Neutral tone coordinates with most home decors

Why We Love It:

With a scratching post, dangling feather toy, and a durable sisal-covered archway, Savvy Tabby® Acrobat Cat Scratchers are the pillar of play versatility that cats and pet parents alike will love! Made of Sisal, plush, plywood.

Caution: Do not allow pet to play with toy if it becomes torn or damaged. Supervision is advised.

Sizing Information:

21½”L x 20½”W x 11?”H

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